Just Meghan Reviews Adult Things



Emojibator - Eggplant

First of all, I absolutely LOVE the fact that these are shaped as emojis! So discreet and cute! Now, The eggplant emoji is my go to when sexting of course.

The eggplant pros - cute! only takes 1 battery! quiet! on the cheaper side!

The eggplant cons- vibrations are too low. So small.

EmojiBator - Chickie

Now this one...... YESSSSS. It's their first suction toy! Which is great for clitoral stimulation!

The chickie pros - 8 vibrations! 8 suction settings! waterproof! USB charging!

The chickie cons - expensive and small.

Go and order yours now! These two are linked below! They also have a pickle, chili, and banana!